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Confidence behind the wheel is critical. Individuals who are confident are less likely to make driving mistakes. They are less likely to have moving violations. And, they are likely to be a safe driver, which keeps auto insurance costs down. But, what makes you a confident and safe driver? READ MORE >>

By: Andrea Moyer September is National Life Insurance Month and now is the perfect time to ponder, among other things, the state of your life insurance – or the absence of it.  Let's be real – this is not something we're particularly stoked to think about until it becomes necessary and then it is often too late. READ MORE >>

By: Andrea Moyer Folks, I am so excited!! Can I just share with you what’s got me over the moon today?  Ok, here goes, just in time for your Labor Day picnic!  If you’re like me and you want perfectly smooth deviled eggs, it means starting with perfectly smooth hard-cooked eggs. READ MORE >>

By Andrea Moyer School is scheduled to begin here in our town in a week’s time so I thought now would be the perfect time to address one of my favorite topics: school bus safety!  That’s right, as a former school bus driver, I’m well informed on this subject and will happily divulge the following: READ MORE >>

The average renter lives in a property owned by someone else. And in every property, the appliances, structures and other items might break down. When they do, who pays for them? You? Your renters insurance? The property owner? The unique circumstances of property damage and maintenance determine who pays for them. READ MORE >>

By: Andrea Moyer Hurricane season is upon us!  We are at the peak of this delightful time of the year when late summer plans may well go awry due to these awesome funnels of destruction.  They’re etched on our memories and we attach the different types and levels of devastation, as unique as the storms themselves, to the hurricanes that produced them. READ MORE >>

By: Andrea Moyer Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for picnics and summer camps, vacations and yep, you guessed it, thunderstorms! You know how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in a storm, but what about your house? How much damage can lightning actually cause to your property? READ MORE >>

A survey from CoreLogic found, on average, 20 percent of homes in the United States lack enough home insurance. Home insurance provides financial protection to you when accidental and unpreventable incidents occur. How much do you need? It can be one of the most important tools you have. READ MORE >>

By: Andrea Moyer So what is a “Personal Umbrella” and why do I need one?  In today’s culture you could easily find yourself being sued for just about anything you can imagine.  You’ll want to protect your assets! READ MORE >>

Everyone wants to reduce their auto insurance rates. To do so, why not consider protecting your car? Most consumers have access to a wide range of anti-theft devices. Simple or complex, they can help you keep your car safe. As a result, your car insurance provider may reduce your rates if you have these systems in place. READ MORE >>

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